Christopher “Basta Hitz” Sebastiaan was born February, 1988 in the heart of Amsterdam. Christopher always had a passion for musical arts and in result, became a Dutch Hip-Hop artist. The talented musician recorded his first mixtape, "Goldenstatus" in 2013 and immediately caught the attention of several nationwide radio stations. Basta then created a underground chart-topper, titled, "Sorry” ft. Jay Reezy". The record gained such an enourmous amount of positive feedback that Basta Hitz entered his name on the “watch list” of major record labels. 


Several well-known producers instantly requested to work with Basta, who eventually produced a hit single, called, “Suga Lala”. The song was released during the Summer of 2014, so the gifted Emcee decided to supply his audience with versitility by producing a variety of beats and finally generated a EP, called, “Pass Di Dutch”. Basta Hitz then released the dancehall favourite, named, “Happydays”, which was later followed by the more successful hit, “Summerparty”. 


Although Basta Hitz has been known to resemble the style of certain established hitmakers, such as, ‘Sean Paul’ and ‘Pitbull’, he nurtured his own unique style widely considered as, 'Reggae Hip-Hop’. A series of hit records ensued from Basta’s success, including the enlightening track, “Cashflow”, and the intriguing single, “This Maze”. In 2015, multiple hits emerged for Basta Hitz. The most notable projects include his popular creations, “Shawty”, “Asthma Attack”, and “These Games”, all of which helped maintain the rapper’s progressing portfolio. 


Basta joined the Envy Music Group alongside several other principle rappers from England to America, and a collaboration of dynamic vocalists were formed. The team of artists released the popular records, ‘MG2’ and 'MG3', which were particularly successful in New York. Basta Hitz continued his career and released Hip-Hop favourites as a solo artist and in combination with the EnvyMG crew. By the summer of 2015, the exceptional hit-maker recorded several adult rated and highly sophisticated songs, such as, “Pretty Girl”, “Summertime” and “Hit it Right”. In the Winter of 2016, Basta Hitz resigned from the EnvyMG crew and chose to focus all his ambition on a solo career. 


Immidiately he dropped several new songs. He established his popularity in the USA with a hit release, called, “Gametime”. 


In 2016, Hitz fully reserved his spot in the “Top of the Underground” when Hip-Hop legends, ‘Salt n Pepa’ recognized his talent from his hit single, “Pretty Girl” on Twitter. Currently, Basta has several projects in motion while recently releasing a brand new track, “All Mine ft. Audrianaha”. ( 


Basta Hitz created an enormous fan base that reaches around the world. 


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