September 2nd Live On Air at Underground Heat With Lacey Lyn

Basta Hitz On Spotify,Itunes, Apple Music & More.

All music can now be downloaded and streamed on Spotify, Google Play, Itunes, Apple Music and more sites. 
Keep on track with the latest hitz the independent hit monster is dropping and follow the official spotify account. 
Tracks such as the single
'All Mine (feat Audrianaha)' and 'The Danger Zone' album are allready available on there.

New Track Featuring Ms'Undastood Beatz

Exciting news from Basta Hitz. The man is working on a new track together with Ms'Undastood beatz.
The name of the track they are currently working on is 'For You' and will be a emotional and very romantic song.
If you would like to hear a small and raw snippet of the hook of the track go visit the official instagram page of Basta Hitz and there you can find a short video.

Official Cover Art

Official Cover Art

Basta Hitz Sets Studio On Fire


Basta Hitz defiately heated things up with his live performance on GRKradio. The Amsterdam King performed 3 bangers. His latest song Computers, Stay Winning and a yet to drop song we can’t give you to much info about yet. It is defiantely a pleasure to have Basta Hitz on your show he is an easy going guy, fun to talk to and straight to the point.

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